Our recipes Spanish cuisine shares many ingredients with the other Mediterranean countries such as olive oil, many vegetables and fruits rippened under the sun, spices and the Sea… With this ingredients each country develops their own cooking, and the Spanish cuisine is the most varied and rich. From the differents climates local specialities are born, with their own carácter, defined by their proximity to the sea, the amount of rain, mountains or flatland.


since 1947

Typical Valencian bar, with tapas, potatoes in spicy tomato sauce, open sandwiches, seafood and mediterranean meals. Since 1947


Valencia is home for meditarranean cuisine, rich and healthy. Appreciated accross the World because of its balanced flavours that combine products from the field (rice, fruit, vegetables, olive oil…) as well as coastal, like seafood and meats from livestock bred the tradicional way.


We haven’t invented anything, we have just inherited what our grandparents taught us, and the gift of tradicional cuisine, simple but exquisite; and we cook it for our client with the care, love and professionalism that they deserve.







Valencia is a city with hundreds of bars, and Bar Ricardo is one of the most famous. Please, let us to serve your food and you will understand why.



We are in the city centre, next to Gran Vía Fernando el Católico, one of the most important avenues in the city; next to Jardines del Turia.   You will find us easily.


Our kitchen is open all day for you



From Tuesday to Saturday,

8h. • 24h.

Kitchen open all day




Sunday, Monday and bank holidays; August, Holy Saturday

and December the 7th.




  • Since 1947  Know our origins



    In Septembre 1947, Ricardo Mirasol, the grandfather of today’s manager opened a wine shop in the same premises where Bar Ricardo is now. They were post-war times of humble habits; but with great effort he made new customers. Selling wine, Seltz water, preserves, salt-cured cod and meat made them grow, and they started to sell bocadillos and the first tapa: patatas bravas.



    In the sixties the wine shop evolved finally into a bar.




    The second Ricardo Mirasol took charge of the bar with the help of his wife, Nieves, and brought new air to the Business. The bar undergoes a major transformation and so does the menu. Without loosing their character and simplicity, the kitchen offers new meals and the seafood makes its way to the bar.



    Nowadays Ricardo Mirasol and Susana Salvador manage a team of cooks, bartenders and waiters that, as the octopus in our logo, are a body of many arms focused on serving you with great care and attention; and this is what makes Bar Ricardo one of the best bars in Valencia.





    Do you like tapas? We look forward to having you.



    Our history

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  • Las Tapas

    Our most famous and tradicional dish is patatas bravas (fried potatos with a spicy tomato sauce), and as our clients put it: it is the tastiest in town. Without sofistication, just high quality product and that caring way of cooking that our grandparents taught us.

    Ensaladilla rusa (translated as Russian salad) is another favourite dish, as well as cuttlefish with mayonaise, white and red anchovies, haba beans and snails are hits any time of the day, coming with a cold white wine, a red wine or a well served draught beer.

  • Seafood

    Every day at noon seafood arrives and is displayed on the bar. Shrimps, prawns, barnacles, baby cuttlefish, oysters, razor shells… the tastiest products both from the Mediterranean and the Cantabrian seas for you.

    Grilled, stewed, coated in batter and fried or fresh with a few drops of lemon, we cook them the simplest way to preserve the texture and flavour of these fruits of the sea.

  • Meals

    After some appetizer maybe you fancy a hearty meal.

    A plate of fried eggs with french fries and iberian ham, or a veal tenderloin with spring garlic. Milk-fed lamb chops with piquillo peppers and grilled vegetables.

    ¿Scrambled eggs? We cook them with boletus edulis and foie-gras, the most popular, but also the classic shrimp and spring onion scrambled eggs, or when in season: wild mushrooms with white sausage or ham. Exquisite!






    You can also choose between a great variety of open sandwiches from cured fish or meat. A classic!

    And don’t forget about our bocadillos, the classical ones: Black and White sausages with ratatouille or haba beans, tuna with olives or omelettes; and the newer ones: brascada (tenderloin, onion and ham), chivito (tenderloin, onion and cheese), wild, super and tremendous (their names say everything).

  • Desserts

    This is a land full of orchards, so fresh fruit is always available for you, as it is or peeled and cut for you. If you fancy something sweeter, you can choose from our Idiazábal cheese fingers with quince jelly, or a selection of home baked confectionery.

    And the best coffee, prepared to your taste.

  • Wine, cava and liquor

    To end your meal you can choose from our selection of Premium gins to combine in a digestive gin and tonic. We mix it with great care and professionalism to multiply the citric essences and scent of each gin with the adequate tonic. Let us suggest you.

    We have selected for you a few Spanish wines from different regions with its own character to go with your meals that are kept in our climatized cellar.

    In our bar, white wine and cava are kept inside an ice bucket, while the tapas keep coming from the kitchen.




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